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The Story of Beau

We raise Nubian dairy goats...and sure we have a few chickens and turkeys and three dogs, oh and a cat!  But, generally speaking we are GOAT people.

However, last March we were given the opportunity to rescue a couple of lambs. One boy (a ram) and one girl (a ewe). Both of the lambs had been abandoned by separate mothers about 24 hours apart. We were right in the middle of our kidding season so a friend new we had goats milk and might be able to help feed the little lambs. 

Of course we (I)  We took on the challenge!!!  We ended up naming and keeping both of them. We named the ram "Beau" and the ewe Marilyn. Beau after a new Australian friend of ours and Marilyn after the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was big, strong, healthy, and always starving. Marilyn acted pretty much like a BIG fluffy puppy. Beau on the other hand was very very sick, he was nothing but bones, we had to force feed him, and give him breathing treatments for a horrible case of pneumonia. I believe the vet bill was upwards around $1,000 after it was all said and done. There was also a little incident when our ACTUAL puppy played a little too hard with Beau and tore open one of his legs (Another Vet appointment and bill). 

Beau lived in a dog create in the house for several weeks.  After midnight feedings, potty breaks, and him almost dying in my arms twice....He started to grow and play. Marilyn was always close to double his size, but they became very close. 

Fast forward to this Spring. Beau with his big curled horns and testosterone beginning to rage... We did such a good job raising him he was now protective of Marilyn and they were obviously going to be a breeding pair. I could still go out into the pasture and pet Beau, but no one else could. Beau began "Ramming" Eric, Zoe and the other animals. So, we made the tough decision to sell Beau and Marilyn together as a breeding pair. After Beau fought so hard to stay alive, I couldn't see killing him for meat. A nice young couple were very excited to have the handsome pair. We are happy Beau and Marilyn can go and do what sheep do and we can get on with our Goat life....Adult Marilyn

Farm life means raising animals for a purpose. Sometimes things don't go as planned. Animals die and others will be sold. However, this is one of the hardest things we have done since we started SkinnyFat Farms. I am so grateful for the experience of knowing Beau. Beau taught me a lot about the heart and trust animals can have.... along with the  pure will to survive.

Adult Beau



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