Downtown Chandler Market 9a-1p SEE YOU THERE 5/18/24

Summer is definitely here...

All the kids are sold and the two girls we are keeping are weaned and getting big. We are so excited to add so much color to our herd. Phoebe, Jewel, and Hope are going to make wonderful Mama's in 2021. We are also so grateful to receive Ares a buckling who is a grandson of how original herd. 

Every year it seems like we wait and wait for kids...then it's over before we know it!

Summer is here and we are doing all of the things we can to keep the animals cool. We fill and circulate the water several times a day, have a fan set up for the coops, and a pool for the turkeys. The toms love to stand in the pool to keep cool. The only good thing about the rising heat is the fly population gets better. 

Soon the apples will be ready for picking and the Monsoons will come rolling in.

We continue to make soap and are waiting to get back to the Farmer's Market!

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