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Raising and Free Ranging

We are always busy making soap, but our little hobby farm is way more than just a little soap making business....It is a way of life for us. We love and live what we do. We raise many other animals including chickens and Turkeys. Collecting eggs and selling them to neighbors and friends affords us the opportunity to experience raising the birds from chicks we hatch ourselves!! This way everyone gets to enjoy delicious and antibiotic free eggs from truly free range birds.


One of my most favorite things is raising the turkeys. Turkeys get a bad rap for being aggressive and or dumb. Believe me they are neither....Although I will say it takes a lot of effort to keep a turkey poult ALIVE!!! The heritage birds we raise are very curious, smart birds and have been calm and mild mannered (for the most part). It is an honor to give these birds a longer healthier life than they would have ever expected in a commercial operation. We are blessed to have farm raise our Thanksgiving bird for almost nine years now! 

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