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Our Milkers

Meet our girls. First, we will introduce you to Violet. She is our best milker and the very first registered doeling we brought home from Black Mesa Ranch. She is calm, sweet, and has been a steady producer of beautiful kids and creamy milk. Violet will be retiring after the 2020 season of kidding and has definitely earned being pampered and living out her life with us at Skinnyfat Farms.

The day we brought Violet home from BMR in Snowflake AZi

Pregnant Violet 2020 (4th kidding)

Next is our girl Galaxy who was a surprise birth!! We had know idea her mom was pregnant until we found her early one morning barely alive and weighing barely three pounds. Galaxy is the only goat to live in the house for several days while we warmed her, fed her, and of course fell in love with her. Galaxy was named for the crescent moon shape and star shaped spots on the top of her head. Galaxy gave us triplets in 2019 and one gorgeous retained doeling (Phoebe) this year. 

Luna is a first time Mama this year, one of Galaxy's does, who was retained in 2018. Luna never bonded with Galaxy for some reason and was basically raised by Zoe who couldn't give her up. Luna is a climber and turned out to be a great Mama. Luna gave us a single spunky doeling this year and is just beginning to learn her place in the miking stand. 

As of this blog post we are waiting for Pluto to kid. Pluto is a first time kidder who is also one of Galaxy's triplets from 2019. Pluto obviously did not get pregnant during the first breeding cycle and should kid anytime now. Pluto is very splashy and we hope she gives us a few healthy and splashy kids!

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