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Kidding Season Ends...Peach Season Begins

Finally our last doe Pluto kidded on May 14th. Pluto was a "late" bloomer and surprised us with May twins!! Pluto has turned out to be a great mama to her very tiny kiddos, with a doeling weighing 6.3 pounds and a buckling weighing a whopping 4.14 pounds (second smallest kid we have ever had). These cuties are the last of the expected babies and mark the end of the 2020 kidding season. However, that doesn't mean we are busy...

May brings us peaches. Due to storms, and pesky critters like the bark beetle and gophers we are down to one little peach tree. None the less we have a good size harvest his year. The peaches a fewer, but large in size and juiciness amazing. 

Nothing goes to waste on our farm. All the animals love the peach fruit, leaves, and the goats even eat the pits. When we pick peaches the bird eaten and over ripened fruit are given to all the animals. On Saturday, during our first pick of the season we came across a very small nest with two babies birds, we believe to be doves. One of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

We hang shiny pie plates and fake snakes in the fruit trees to scare away the birds...But, these cuties get to stay :) 

More peach jam, cobbler, and pies to come. The it's on to Apple season!!!

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