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Goat Love

Meet SkinnyFat Farms "Ares Love Not War." He is an amazing young buck who is this year's sire. Ares was "introduced " to all the does on October 15th. Using a goat gestation calculator (approximately 150 days) we estimate the 2021 kids should start arriving on March 14th!!

We have five does who we will confirm with blood pregnancy tests in December.

Ares is new, but definitely getting the job done!!! Nature and animal instincts are always amazing to us on the farm. Raising and spending time with these sweet and unique creatures is a privilege. 

Our Mama goat line up is spectacular this year. We will feature each of our girls in a blog post between now and kidding season. We have two veterans and three first time moms or fresheners!! New moms and new kids means lots of GOATS MILK!!!

Which means lots of SkinnyFat Farms Goat Milk Soap!!!


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