Downtown Chandler Market 9a-1p SEE YOU THERE 5/18/24

Finally they are here!!!



Well it was a long week of waiting. The kids, who were due as early as March 14th decided to wait and ALL arrive in about 24 hours time.

Phoebe kidded first with two gorgeous bucklings on Friday evening. Hope delivered her "mini me" single doeling kid on Saturday morning around 11am while I was at the Farmer's Market. I have to say Eric did an excellent job helping Hope kid her first! I watched proudly on the Wyze camera from the market!!

Later, around 2pm, I just as I arrived home from the Farmer's Market and found Galaxy in full labor and Violet with the imminent kidding sign of "goo." Within 15 minutes of arriving home Galaxy easily pushed out twins, one buckling and one doeling!

A little after 6pm, the SAME Saturday Violet did not disappoint with her last and second set of triplets!!! Two bucklings (looking like mama) and very splashy doeling!! Even though the last little girl came out rear hooves first....Mama Violet did and awesome job!!! Whew, I was exhausted!! 

Eight kids so far! Five bucklings and three does!!! All healthy and very spunky!!!

Now we wait for Jewel, who is taking her sweet time...Fingers crossed we get at least one more healthy doeling!!!


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