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Baby Goat Season is Officially Here! 💕🐐

It's that time of the year again! Baby goat season is here and SkinnyFat Farms has welcomed 5 new baby goats on April 1st.

So far our mommas have given us 3 bucks and 2 doelings, in addition to our preemie boy "Spyder"! ... And we are still waiting for Iris to give birth, any day now (we hope)!!!

We are excited to welcome these new Nubian dairy goats to our 1.5 acre farm. Our kids, does, and mommas will be sure to provide plenty of entertainment as they explore their surroundings and grow up together.

We also look forward to incorporating our baby goats into our popular goat yoga classes this season. We invite everyone to come out and experience the joys of bottle feeding these little ones while getting some exercise in too!

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